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  Renze jan bruinsma - uit Smilde provincie Drenthe Nederland 01-10-2018
My grand Catherine was renze jan beimers and froukje beij de ley muziek mother was geertje beimers muziek Catherine is reminder bruinsma

  Anske Beimers - uit Bundaberg.Qld 4670. Australia 16-09-2018
Hello all....My Father was Pieter Beimers .1906 and passed away 1976 in Apeldoorn. He was Born in Friesland , he survived World War 2 , in the Resistance ,and was betrayed by a Friesien man in Tzumarrum , by the name of Moulle Douwe ,a collaborator with the Duitsers. I was Born in Tzumarrum in 1943 Date 29th March. My Father and Mother Pietje Beimers went to Australia in 1950 and returned to Holland in 1962 ,and I stayed as I grew up in Australia and ,had a good job , a car ,friends etc, and I could not see myself in a strange country as , when we left I was only six (6) years old, but have been back many times, and stayed in Holland with my Australian wife Margaret
from 1972 to 1976 ,we both worked and was there when my Father passed away on the 31stOctober 1976 ,I am now 75 Years old, and we both have very fond memories of our visit to Holland . I also travelled back to see my mother every two years with first trip by air in 1981. My mother passed away in 1988 and my older brother Berend (Ben) 1935 -2000 passed away in 2000 ,and I was there as well to see him ,before he passed away. I must go now , and many thanks to all. Anske Beimers

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