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VA.C. Remouchamps
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Bertha Remouchamps
Sandy Haneveer
Jules Ferdinand Remouchamps
Victor Vincent Edmond Edouard Remouchamps
Edouardus Emilius Remouchamps
Pol (Leopold) Remouchamps
Edouard Remouchamps, brieven
Joseph Remouchamps
Louis Remouchamps
Gust Remouchamps
Edmond Remouchamps
Leo Remouchamps
De Ruyver
Edouard Victor Augustus Remouchamps
Edmond Edouard Emile Remouchamps
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Emile Remouchamps
Pol Remouchamps
Jules Leopold Remouchamps
Paul Remouchamps
Gilbert Remouchamps
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Peter Haneveer
Fam Burgdorffer
Leo Hendrik Baekelandt
Edouard-Maurice Remouchamps
Paul Edouard
Robert Remouchamps
Marc Remouchamps
Marie Jeanne Remouchamps


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Iwan Röpcke, Nathalie Röpcke en Dr. Yvonne Hijnderijcks

Iwan Röpcke, Ann Röpcke-Moerman, Maite en Margot Röpcke

Iwan Röpcke, 2008. Zoon van Claudine Remouchamps en Jo Röpcke. CV:Iwan Röpcke, zoon van Jo Röpcke en Dr. Claudine Remouchamps CV:1. Education :•Bachelor in Political sciences University of Ghent ) 1979-1981•Licentiate in Diplomatic sciences University of Ghent) 1981- 1983 (Military Conscription 1983-1984)•Diploma of Advanced European Studies (College of Europe - Brugge) 1984-1985 •Licencié Spécial en Droit International (Université Libre de Bruxelles) 1985-1987•Licencié Spécial en Droit Maritime et Aérien Université Libre de Bruxelles) 1986-1987•MBA (JMP - Vlerick School ) (University of Ghent ) 1990-1993.•Certificate of European Public Affairs (ECPA Brussels ) 1996-19972. Experiences : -Member of the National Board of the Liberal Students L.V.S.V.1983-1987-Training Period at the European Commission 1986-19873. Professional experiences :•King Baudouin Foundation Function:Attaché (Economic Programme) Responsible Young Entrepreneurs.Responsible Prince Albert Fund Relations with EU and Belgian governmental bodies. .Organisation of seminars and conferences Period : 01/01/1988-01/01/1989•Marsh (International Insurance Brokers) – formerly known as “Henrijean” Function:Marine Claims Period: 01/01/1989 - 01/06/1989 Function: Marine and Aviation Insurance broking Period: 01/06/1989 - 01/01/1990 Function: Account Executive – retail and wholesale Marine and Aviation clients Period: 01/01/1990 - 14/11/1994 • Boels & Bégault (Insurance Brokers): Function: New Business ExecutiveInitially only marine and aviation then all branches of Insurance. Period: 14/11/1994 – till take-over by Aon. Aon Belgium (International Insurance Brokers): Function: Account ManagerMainly Business Development/ New Products/New segments/Coaching.Presentations on the aspects of Marine Insurance for the U. N. Period: 01/10/97 - 16/04/99 PS.: Early 98 Aon merged with Alexander & Alexander • AIG Europe (Insurance Company)Function: Manager of the Crisis Management Department (Benelux) (Brussels and Rotterdam). Products : K&R, Product Contamination Insurance (CPI), Crisis Containment InsuranceBusiness development especially on CPI through brokers with programmes developped with Atelia (Chambers of Commerce) and Aon (FEVIA)Period : 19/04/99 – 01/07/2000 •Aureus Financials - The Reference (Web agency) Function : Senior Principal Consultant - Banking and Insurance, Government,…Business Development, Projectmanagement, Coaching and Account Management Period: 01/07/2000 – 2002• Winterthur Europe Assurances Function: Sales Manager Health In charge of maintaining, developping the portfolio and the branding of a new product line. Production of new business in 2003 : 3 million € (Nike, MIVB-STIB, Solidariteit voor het Gezin, Aquafin, Vedior Interim, Lotus Bakeries….) Period: 01/08/2002 – 01/03/2004Function: Sales Manager Large Brokers (Regional Director-Sales Manager) In charge mainly of Large Accounts and the Broker’s network Atelia.I have tree Account Managers and a technical team for servicing thenetwork. Involved in the restructuring of Atelia. Period: 01/03/2004 – 14/03/2006 4. Present Professional occupation: • Inter Partner Assistance (IPA) Function: Commercial Director Benelux Member of the Management Team In charge of steering and managing a Dutch and Belgian sales Team Maintaining, developping partnerships and branding and creation of new products. Development of multi-channel policies. Period: 15/03/2006 – Overall Business to Business experience : Insurance companies and mutuals, Bekaert, Alcatel, Ahold, Pepsico, Dredging International, Methanex, Laurus, Euroclear, Ford, Fortis Bank & AG, KBC, Dexia, AXA, OMOB/SMAP, Komatsu, Brussel/Bruxelles 2000, Sabena (Technics), EBA,Bayer, TEA, City Bird, Eurosense Belfotop, Dutry, Deltalloyd, Spadel, Avianca, Samsonite, Nike, D’Ieteren, Delhaize,Van De Velde Gebroeders, Philips, VW, Siemens, Carestel, Ferrero, …5. Languages :-Dutch : native language-French and English : very good to excellent -German and Spanish : passive knowledge.6. Miscellaneous :-Knowledge of most current software (MS Office, …).-Member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.-Participation at different seminars mainly sales oriented (PSS, Strategic Selling (Heiman Miller), Tavernier, Pyramid,…)-Elected on different occasions as salesman of the month.-Always on target on results achieved .-Training period at the EU Commission.-Freelance lobbying at the European Union: (For foreign companies in the telecommunications sector).-Gave seminars on (marine) insurance topics in Laos for the United Nations.(1996).-Gave Seminars on Management courses through business games for business schools like Vlerick and Solvay. -Organized different (media related) events. -Former Member of Lions Club Sint-Martens-Latem. -Member of the Board of different Real Estate companies .

Van links naar rechts: Maite Röpcke, Dr Claudine Remouchamps, Margot Röpcke, Jerome de Ruyver en Justine de Ruyver. Alle kleinkinderen van Claudine

Van links naar rechts: Dr. Claudine Remouchamps, kleindochter Justine de Ruyver, op de arm van Iwan Röpcke, dochter Margot Röpcke, Anne Röpcke-Moerman met op de arm Maite Röpcke en Jerome de Ruyver.

Nathalie Röpcke, moeder van Jerome en Justine de Ruyver

Nathalie Röpcke (ca 2007), dochter van Dr. Claudine Remouchamps en Jo Röpcke.

Anne Röpcke, dochter van Dr. Claudine Remouchamps en Jo Röpcke

Anne Röpcke,ca 1 jaar oud, dochter van Claudine Remouchamps en Jo Röpcke

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