Putative descent of Charles, Prince of Wales, from early 7th century BCE Kings of Lydia, Media and Persia

(red = sons & blue = daughters; m = married). 



CYRUS II, Great King of Persia (558-546 BCE)

ATOSSA m DARIUS I,Great King of Persia (521-485 BCE)

XERXES, Great King of Persia (485-465/4 BCE)

ARTAXERXES I, Great King of Persia (464-424 BCE)

DARIUS III, Great King of Persia (424-404 BCE) m his half-sister PARYSATIS

ARTAXERXES, Great King of Persia (404-358 BCE)

RHODOGUNDE m ORONTES II, Satrap of Armenia

ORONTES (AROANDES) III, Satrap of Armenia, becoming King in 331 BCE

MITHRANES I, King of Armenia (331-ca 318 BCE)

AROANDES, King of Armenia (ca 318-ca 260 BCE)

SAMOS I, King of Armenia (ca 260 BCE)

ARSAMES I, King of Armenia (ca 259-after 228 BCE)

XERXES, King of Armenia (ca 227-after 212 BCE), m ANTIOCHIS dau of ANTIOCHUS II, Seleucid King of Syria (262/1-246 BCE)

PTOLEMY I, King of Commagene ca 163 BCE

SAMUS I, King of Commagene ca 140 BE

MITHRADATES I, King of Commagene (96-70 BCE)

ANTIOCHUS I, King of Commagene (69-39)

Dau m ORODES II, Arsacid Great King of Parthia (ca 55-38 BCE) - see below


ARSACES, would have been living at about the time of or soon after death of Alexander the Great


TIRIDATES I, King of Parthia (247-227 BCE)

ARTABANUS I, King of Parthia (211-191 BCE)

PHRAHAPATES (PRIAPITIUS), King of Parthia (191-176 BCE)

MITHRIDATES I, King of Parthia (170-138 BCE)

ARTABANUS II, King of Parthia (127-124 BCE)

SANATROIKES, Great King of Parthia (77-70 BCE)

PHRAATES III, Great King of Parthia (69-57 BCE)

ORODES II, Great King of Parthia (ca 55-38 BCE) m dau of ANTIOCHUS I, King of Commagene - see above

PHRAATES IV, Great King of Parthia (38-2 BCE when murdered by 5th son PHRAATACES) ,

had by wife THESMUSA (formerly an Italian slave-girl given him by Marc Antony)

PHRAATACES, Great King of Parthia (2 BCE -4 CE)

VONONES II, Great King of Parthia (51 CE)

VOLOGASES, Great King of Parthia (51-55 & 58-78)

PAKORUS II, Great King of Parthia (78-105)



VOLOGASES III, Great King of Parthia (105-147)

VOLOGASES IV, Great King of Parthia (148-190)

VOLOGASES V, Great King of Parthia (190-208) m dau of PHARASMENES, King of Iberia (132-82)

KHOSROES I, made King of Armenia (191-216 when kidnapped by Roman Emperor Caracalla)

TIRIDATES I (TRDAT), King of Armenia (217-222)

TIRIDATES II (TRDAT II), King of Armenia (238-52 & 279-85)

TIRIDATES III (TRDAT III), made King of Armenia in 288 by Roman Emperor Diocletian but became a Persian vassal when Armenia later came under Sassanid domination, d 342

KHOSROES II (KHOSROV II)"the Valiant", King of Western Armenia (285-297)

TIGRANES "Helios", 1st Christian King of Armenia (349-63), m PHARRANTSEM

Son 2

CHOSROES III, King of Armenia (390-92 & 412-13)

BAMBISHN, m ATHENOGARNES, greatgrandson of GRIGOR PARTEV (St. GREGORY the Illuminator, 1st Katholicos of the Armenia Church

St. NERSES, hereditary Katholicos of Armenia (355-73), m a Mamikonian princess

St. ISAAC, hereditary Katholicos of Armenia (378-438), founded separate Armenian church

SAHAKAMOYSH, the Gregorid heiress, m HAMAZASP I, Prince of the Mamikonids (387-432)


HMAYCEK MAMIKONIAN, a Persian vassal

MUSHEL MAMIKONIAN, a Byzantine vassal alive 555

DAVID MAMIKONIAN, a Persian vassal alive ca 600

HAMAZASP II MAMIKONIAN, Ostikan of Armenia (655-8)

HRAHAT, a Mamikonid Prince under Arab suzerainty

DAVID, a Mamikonid Prince, d 744

SAMUEL, Prince of the Mamikonids, the Gregorid heir, killed 772

Dau, m SMBAT VI, Prince of the Bagratids

HAMYEAK, Prince of the Mamikonids, m dau of LEO V, Emperor of Byzantium


BARDAS, a magistros


GREGORIA, m NIKETAS SKLEROS (de ouders van Bardas en Constantijn Skleros)

NB: prins Charles zou van bovenstaande personen afstammen via de grootvorsten van Kiev.

Constantijn Skleros (931-991), broer van Bardas Skleros, tegenkeizer, trouwde Sophia Phokaina, nicht van keizer Nikephoros II

Theophanu, trouwde Otto II, keizer van het Heilige Roomse Rijk

Zie verder Afstamming van A.B. den Haan van Otto I de Grote