Family gathering by the  Steen  - Ranch

    The land owners:  John and General manager Steen. 

1.0 Who's idea:  

Dylan suggested to his coussins to start a gathering of the family clan somewere.   

2.0 The accomodation: 

 East side view      Playground

Vroomshoop (Pious Hope):  besides the 40 acre ranch there's a church/chapel, auditorium, bungalow and al kind of music facilities like guitar amplifier(s), piano/synthesiser, drums and soundrecorder to rent. If you have a school and/or family reunion than this is a good place to be, kids friendly playground. Full arrangement possible prices and services are excelent. Specialist in Dutch/Indonesian food served within the traditional Indonesian dress possible, any other theme discussable. 

The Church/Chapel:

 The church/chapel   inside

3.0 Bungalow to rent:

On the farm is also situated a bungalow (****) for 4p, bikes and/or a horsecar are available and to rent. For more information please send mail to webmaster.

 Bungalow to rent The area

4.0 The clan:

June 2005,  Part of the descendents of Ed van Braam 1907-1967

5.0 The food:

The food     Maître du Wayt                             

6.0 The Burr Band:


The Spaikies sisters with Paul Djipson on guitar and Dylan Taünsont  on drums  Smiley invoegen