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12-07-2008,  Story from a family member of the van Slooten that went back for emigration to her roots.     

12-07-2008,  Harry Sibum, story Almelo 1962 (family stories)

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24-03-2008,  Added Deux dynasty

20-01-2007,  Denise van Braam, karateka  "toff guys"

09-08-2006, om privacy redenen zijn geboorte data's van levende personen niet zichtbaar gemaakt

08-08-2006, Grafzerk nieuwe kerk, Delft van Aegidius

08-08-2006, Photo (painting) from Rosalie Van Braam-Van Son (Semarang, 1854)

08-05-2006,  Douglas van Braam and Agnes Sanou :  Born on the 6th of may 2006 at 11.27 hour, Almere the Netherlands, doughter Ivy Lee van Braam...!!

07-02-2005,  Family stories, English translation

07-02-2006,  Toff guys, Ruud van Braam, go to miscellaneous

07-02-2006,  Aegidius house Delft, pictures. go to Ancient history

10-01-2006,  My mothers family name Deux & Wieligmans ancestry added. It seems that Napoleon Bonaparte had an out of wedlock child who took the family name of  Deux............. ? Curious....coming soon     

09-12-2005,  Agnes and Douglas   Take a look on theire site  

09-09-2005,  NEW Douglas art galery, Jason webmaster  !!!  ........ 


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17-07-2005,  Family gathering in Vroomshoop, see chapter Family gathering, not completed yet, wait for Hedie van Braam story !

06-06-2005,  Wieligmans family, ancestry updated, roots from Karel found in Timor (Indonesia) 2005.

03-06-2005, Add the Eskes genealogy (related by marriage to Van Slooten family), not completed yet, as dated.

20-05-2005,  Add chapter Miscelaneous, for all kind of info

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15-05-2005, Pictures rearanged into families 

14-05-2005, M.C Deux,   Born at Solo (Indonesia)  12-01-1921,    06-05-2005  Almelo,  

04-05-2005, Family roots Van Slooten updated

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