Welcome to my website about the genealogy of the family Keijdener in the area of the Dutch province of Limburg.


On this site you will find the genealogy of Nicolaus Geidler. He came as a hireling around 1745 from the Pfalz to fight probably for the Austrian army against the French.

He met Ida Hensels, a citizen of the little village Borgharen and married her in1748 in Borgharen.

After years of research from the history itself, I have also collected a large number of photographs of our family. Unfortunately, this was too much information to put on the internet. However, you can find a few of the photo's under the link photo's, as well as some documents.


If you click the link genealogy you will see the entire genealogy as we know it. The first ancestor we know of is Jacobi Geidler. If you want to know whether your name is in this genealogy, please look at the list of names.


I've tried to make this genealogy as complete as possible. If you notice any mistakes or incomplete items, please click the link contact and send an e-mail to me, so I can rewrite it.


If you want to give your opinion, or if you want to see what other people write about this site click the link guestbook.


I collect everything connected to my family, like old photographs, documents, articles, memoriam cards etc.

If you have some of these items in your possession, I would appreciate it if you could send me a copy. Expenses will be compensated.





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